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Wrongful Death

Attorneys for Families Who Have Lost a Loved One in a Dog Bite Case

Our Chicago Dog Bite attorneys regularly represent families of individuals in cases involving dog bite fatalities. The unfortunate reality is that even the most well-trained dogs can have moments of attack. In some instances, a dog bite attack may be provoked. In other instances, an individual may have done nothing at all to provoke a deadly attack. Whatever the case may be, it is important that Chicago residents or visitors get the help that they need when they have been involved in an attack or even worse, lost a loved one due to a dog bite fatality. The most tragic cases involve a dog bite fatality. If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one due to an attack involving a dog, then our attorneys may be able to assist you in handling your dog bite wrongful death case.

Dog Bite Statistics in the United States

dog bite fatalityIn the U.S., Illinois accounts for one of the leading states in which dog bites occur. NBC News reported in 2014 that there were a total of 309 dog bite claims filed. These claims had a total cost of $8.9 million. If you live in the Chicago area and have lost a loved one due to a dog bite attack, then please feel free to contact one of our attorneys for further assistance.

In the greater U.S., there are mainly two types of dogs that are responsible for attacks. According to DogsBite.org, a total of 74 percent of attacks resulting in death were caused by pit bulls or rottweilers. While owners may view a pit bull or rottweiler as a well-trained animal, the statistics speak for themselves. Clearly, there is high risk associated with owning a pit bull or rottweiler and failing to keep the animal away from the public.

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Chicago Laws Governing Ownership of Dogs

In Chicago, city law mandates that all dog owners must register their dog with the Office of the City Clerk. This is a vital point to understand, because it can help one’s case in proving that an individual actually had ownership over a vicious dog if that dog is properly registered with the Office of the City Clerk. One of the major obstacles in a dog bite wrongful death claim is proving the elements of negligence. An attorney will need to essentially prove that the death of another human being occurred, this death resulted from another person’s negligence, surviving family members exist, and a personal representative has been appointed for the remaining estate.

A Chicago dog bite fatality attorney can assist your case in gathering the documentation necessary for proving the elements of a wrongful death claim. In addition, he or she will be familiar with locating dog ownership records in the city of Chicago as well as gathering other types of important documentation.

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Other Issues Surrounding Dog Bite Fatality Cases

Dog bite fatality cases can easily become very complex cases. It is important that you have the right attorney assisting you with your case. These cases can quickly become complicated when no ownership records exist in relation to the attacking dog. Perhaps an individual died as a result of rabies. An attorney may need to gather medical documentation to show that the attacking dog had never received its rabies shots that are required under Chicago municipal code.

Another factor to consider is that damages may be available depending on the facts of one’s case. Perhaps an owner had the power to stop an attack as it was occurring. If the owner failed to assist in any way, his or her conduct may be considered grossly negligent. Punitive damages may be available.

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