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Dog bites can cause permanent injuries that an individual has for the rest of his or her life. The emotional suffering, anxiety and depression that sets in after a dog bite can also be devastating for a victim to experience. On top of this traumatic aftermath of a dog bite, a victim may also be at risk of suffering from rabies after he or she is bitten. Rabies is a serious virus that can cause many complications after a victim receives a dog bite.

The Risk of Rabies

If an individual finds that he or she is bitten by a warm-blooded animal with rabies, the virus may quickly spread throughout his or her body. Rabies is usually transferred through the saliva of a warm-blooded animal. When a dog bites a human, the saliva comes into contact with the open wound. Rabies will spread throughout the nerves within the body and eventually affect the brain. After a short period of time, an individual may suffer from swelling of the brain. Death also results after a short period of time.

Characteristics of Rabies

A person with rabies may feel agitated by the disease. The individual may suffer from throat spasms, itching and tingling in the mouth. The individual may begin to fear water due to the throat spasms that he or she suffers. One may then become paralyzed throughout the body. As an individual becomes paralyzed, he or she may die from respiratory failure or cardiac arrest.

Taking Immediate Action After Receiving a Bite

After you have received a dog bite, it is important that you take action fast. You should quickly clean the wound with soap and water. You should also obtain information about the animal that bit you. You should be aware that a dog owner may try to flee the scene or avoid providing you with the answers that you need. Dog bite attorneys can assist you in this case. If you contact a dog bite lawyer quickly after receiving your bite, he or she may still be able to contact the dog owner and compile information about the dog. Dog bite lawyers have experience in dealing with fearful owners who may not want to admit liability or provide important information to victims.

The rabies virus is killed as soon as the saliva dries. Once the saliva dries, the rabies virus no longer is at risk of spreading infection. You may be able to completely kill the virus by cleaning a wound with soap and water. While cleaning the area will likely kill the virus, you should still visit the emergency room for treatment as soon as possible. A skilled doctor may need to provide you with special medication to rid your body of the virus. You may also require additional medical treatment for any side effects of rabies that you have already suffered.

Fighting for the Compensation You Need

Medical treatment for rabies can be expensive. If you do not currently have health insurance, you may face bills that exceed thousands of dollars. Those who have rabies at an advanced stage may require extensive surgeries and medical care. It is important that you hold a pet owner accountable for the injuries that you have suffered. An Illinois dog bite lawyer can assess your case and may be able to determine which types of damages you are eligible to receive. You may be eligible to receive compensation to cover the cost of your medical expenses, pain and suffering and loss of consortium. If you have missed work due to rabies, you may also be eligible to receive compensation for lost wages.

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