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Dog bite injuries can result in tragic circumstances for victims. A victim may suffer a fatality as a result of the severity of a dog bite, rabies, bleeding or infection. While fatalities arising from dog bite incidents are uncommon, they still do occur and change the lives of surviving family members forever. City and state laws have begun to recognize the danger that certain dogs pose to the public and have classified these dogs as “dangerous breeds.” Pit bulls are one example of a dog type that is becoming increasingly regarded as a “dangerous breed” amongst city and state laws.

Circumstances Surrounding Fatal Dog Bite Incidents

A dog bite that results in a fatality often occurs due to the involvement of a vicious dog breed type. The victim may have no access to outsiders who are able to intervene in the attack. A victim may be unable to receive medical help immediately after the attack.

If a dog has never been treated by a veterinarian, then the dog may also carry illnesses that are transferable to the victim. A victim may receive rabies that result in serious medical complications or death in the most tragic circumstances.

Certain circumstances may also trigger the propensity of a dog to injure an individual. If a dog has been abused by its owner, then the dog may be more inclined to lash out at an individual. A child who frustrates the dog may provoke a deadly attack.

Getting Medical Help After a Dog Bite Accident

A victim must try to receive medical help as soon as possible after involvement in a dog bite accident. Time is of the essence for cleaning a wound that may be exposed to a rabies virus. If you have received a dog bite, it is important that you try to visit a doctor for the treatment you need. You should also make sure that you tell a doctor about the circumstances surrounding your dog bite. You should make sure that the doctor records your injuries in the event that your case must go to trial. You will only be able to recover damages if you are able to prove that you were injured as a result of the dog bite.

Educating Individuals for Responsible Pet Ownership

Poor pet ownership skills often result in dog bite attacks. A pet owner may fail to provide the adequate nutrition, exercise, shelter or care for a dog. If a dog is forced to stay outside in the summer heat all day, it may feel aggravated at its lifestyle. Poor pet ownership is often a significant factor that leads to an accident involving a dog bite. Pet owners should be aware of the nurturing and care that dogs require before they decide to take on this responsibility. If a pet owner is unable to dedicate the necessary resources or time to the care of a dog, then he or she may want to reconsider owning a pet.

Abandoned Dogs Cause Accidents

Some pet owners have no conception of the care that dogs require. Those pet owners who completely dismiss the needs of dogs may abandon their animals. If an individual has been attacked by an abandoned dog, he or she should speak with a dog bite lawyer as soon as possible. A dog bite attorney may be able to research the facts of one’s case to see whether a previous owner may be held liable for one’s injuries. A previous pet owner may be liable for the injuries of a victim if he or she has a homeowners insurance policy. A pet owner may also be directly liable for the injuries of a victim if a dog has previously bit other people.

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