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What type of compensation can I get from a dog bite incident?

Dog bites claims, like most areas of tort law cases are compensable in terms of both economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include fixed figures for: medical expenses including: emergency room visits, surgical bills and medications. Economic damages also include future expenses such as a plastic surgery to help reduce the appearance of scarring. If you lost time from work due to an attack, that would also be considered an element of economic damages.

The majority of compensation awarded in dog bite claims centers on non-economic damages for pain and suffering and disfigurement. For example, many dog bite cases involve prominent scars to a victims face or arms. In these circumstances, all aspects of the scarring would be considered when evaluating the value of a dog bite scar including:

  • The prominence of the scar
  • Location of the scar on the body
  • Underlying damage to nerves or tendons
  • Pain related to the scar
  • How old the person or child is

We appreciate that a scar can be a visible reminder of a very unpleasant event and are committed to maximizing the value of dog bite cases involving scarring. In the majority of cases, we have our clients professionally photographed and evaluated by a consulting plastic surgeon. Both of these steps can be instrumental in how insurance companies evaluate dog bite cases.

In terms of how these cases translate into a monetary recovery for you, the average insurance company payout for all dog bite and attack claims is over $32,000 according to insurnacequotes.com. While the circumstances of each case will vary as will the severity of the bites, injuries inflicted by dogs have become one of the largest sources of homeowner insurance claims.

If you have questions about the value of your dog bite case, we invite you to contact our office and talk to an experienced attorney. Our firm has handled hundreds of Illinois dog bite cases and is ready to work for you. Read more about our track record of successfully prosecuting dog bite cases at our settlement area here.

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