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Pet owners have certain responsibilities when caring for their animals. They need to ensure that a dog is loved, cared for and maybe even trained in certain circumstances. A dog should receive adequate food and shelter. It is sad to realize that many pet owners throughout the U.S. fail to provide humane treatment for their dogs. When a dog does not receive the care that it needs, this can cause it to lash out at innocent members of the public. Dangerous breeds, such as pit bulls, may become extremely agitated when they are kept in chains out in the summer heat or do not receive adequate food.

Some pet owners may also be unaware of dangerous breeds that have a propensity to bite innocent people. Unfortunately, several courts in the U.S. have categorized pit bulls as a “dangerous” breed of animal. This means that victims no longer have to make the effort to prove that a pit bull is a “dangerous” animal in a court of law.

Pit Bull Owners Must Take Responsibility

Under Illinois state law, pit bull owners must now take responsibility for understanding their breed and preventing harm to the public. An owner should be aware of the risks associated with owning a pit bull breed. Pet owners may also want to review statistics from the Centers for Disease Control to understand how many people are injured by pit bulls every year. The CDC reports that over half of the dogs that were responsible for fatal dog bites from 1997 to 1998 were pit bull breeds. It is clear that pit bulls have a tendency to bite individuals more than the typical dog.

While pet owners may enjoy having a pit bull, they must realize that many other people have a sense of fear of these animals. Pet owners must consider the naturally aggressive manner of pit bulls before exposing them to the public. They must also understand the strength of a pit bull. In a state of rage, a pit bull may have the ability to break through a fence and attack a neighbor or passerby. Pit bull owners have a responsibility to create a fence that cannot be broken by the force of a pit bull. Pit bulls also should never be left with children and elderly individuals. Small children may be particularly vulnerable in becoming victims of a pit bull attack.

Pet Owners Unable to Handle Pit Bulls

One of the reasons bit pull attacks often impact innocent victims is due to the fact that pet owners are not ready to handle their animals. Pit bull owners may grow attached to an abandoned animal and never take steps to train or domesticate the animal. An abandoned pit bull may suffer from trauma and issues related to a previous home. New pit bull owners may not be ready to deal with a pit bulls aggression or excitement. As a new pit bull owner becomes attached to the animal, he or she may fail to provide training to the pit bull. Overly aggressive behavior may become accepted by the pit bull owner. Victims are the ones who suffer when a pit bull owner develops an emotional attachment to his or her pet and fails to properly train it.

Permanent Injuries Resulting from Pit Bull Attacks

When a victim is injured by a pit bull, he or she is often left with devastating injuries. The victim may suffer from atrocious scars that provide a permanent reminder of the traumatic attack. A victim may suffer from a severe laceration or disfigurement. He or she may become permanently disabled and unable to move again. In these types of circumstances, a victim should contact a dog bite lawyer to assess his or her legal options.

Call an Illinois Dog Bite Lawyer for Additional Help

If you have been injured by a pit bull, it is imperative that you take action fast. An Illinois dog bite lawyer is ready to help you understand whether you have a claim for compensation. Our attorneys also have sympathy for the trauma that you have experienced. We are ready to take the time necessary to address your concerns and pursue justice on your behalf.