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Even though some people have a deep sense of affection for the pit bull breed, the reality is that this seemingly “cool” breed of dog can cause serious injuries to a person. There seems to be a trend of increasing ownership of pit bulls, but pet owners must be aware that this breed has certain naturally aggressive tendencies. A pit bull’s bite attack may be much more serious than a small dog. A child may receive serious lacerations or amputations as a result of being bitten by a pit bull. Dog owners have a responsibility to understand the risks associated with their breed type and to minimize the exposure that individuals have with high-risk, dangerous dogs.

The Physical Features of a Pit Bull

Pit bulls also have a physical makeup that can threaten the safety of people. Their sharp teeth and claws can cause permanent destruction to body parts. Individuals often require expensive reconstructive surgery after they have been attacked by a pit bull. Pit bulls are also very fast and aggressive. They have a strong muscular makeup and can easily overpower a small child or any adult. Their vicious nature makes it difficult for a person to defend himself or herself.

The Need for Plastic Surgery After a Pit Bull Attack

After a pit bull attack, an individual typically has scratches on his or her face, neck, shoulder and arm areas. These parts of the body are most susceptible to injuries during a pit bull attack. One may have lacerations on his or her face. These extensive injuries can completely alter the appearance of an individual. It is understandable that an individual would want to receive plastic surgery after being involved in a pit bull attack. Small children are extremely sensitive and may suffer from severe emotional trauma due to their appearance after being bitten by a pit bull. Plastic surgery may be required to cover up disfiguring scars and repair damaged tissue.

Protecting the Individual from Infections

Extensive corrective surgery may also be required for reasons apart from cosmetic purposes. An individual may require corrective surgery if he or she is at risk of developing an infection. Corrective surgeries may be needed for victims who have suffered from rabies. Some individuals may require corrective surgery immediately after they have been involved in a pit bull attack.

Corrective operations may be needed to remedy the fractures that an individual suffers after a pit bull attack. Small children may have their bones broken in attempting to flee from a pit bull. Adults frequently suffer from broken bones in trying to ward off an attack that involves a single pit bull or many dogs.

Gathering Evidence to Prove Your Injuries

If you have received significant injuries after being attacked by a pit bull, it is vital that you maintain a record of the evidence in your case. Some individuals make the mistake of receiving medical treatment and failing to record the injuries that they have suffered. If you have no proof of the injuries suffered after a pit bull attack, then a jury may not be able to award damages in your case. One of the most straightforward parts of a negligence claim that must be proven is that you have suffered actual damages as a result of a dog bite. Working with an Illinois dog bite lawyer can ensure that you maintain a record of the expenses and evidence associated with your dog bite injury.

Defending the Legal Rights of Dog Bite Victims

Illinois dog bite attorneys are ready to defend the legal rights of those who have suffered injuries in an attack. Our attorneys understand the emotional trauma and pain that is often associated with an injury after a pit bull attack. Don’t hesitate to call our lawyers to discuss the circumstances of your situation. Whether you or a child have been injured by a pit bull, it is vital that a pit bull owner is held accountable for any injuries that result.