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Steps to Reduce Your Chance of a Dog Bite Injury

Our Chicago dog bite attorneys assist those who have been injured in dog attacks. Every year, thousands of people are involved in attacks involving aggressive dogs. They can suffer from severe lacerations or even death in the worst cases. A dog attack can result in long-term nerve damage, permanent scarring and emotional trauma. It is important that victims get the legal help that they need to ensure that they are compensated for their injuries. Chicago injury attorneys can help dog bite victims understand their legal rights.

How Dog Attacks Occur

Dog attacks can occur when an individual is unaware of a dog’s current emotional or mental state. If a dog is feeling afraid or vulnerable, it may feel the need to dominate a small child or other person. A dog that is in an anxious state is more likely to go into attack mode than a dog that is in a calm state.

A dog owner may be partly to blame for contributing to the anxious state of a dog. If a dog owner is neglectful of the dog, then the animal may be in a constant state of agitation. Perhaps the dog is underfed or has not received the proper medical attention that it requires. Dogs can also suffer from a constant state of anxiety if they are the victims of abuse from their owners.

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Reducing the Risk of Dog Attacks

There are some basic principles that individuals can follow in order to avoid the likelihood of being involved in a dog attack. First, individuals should try to educate themselves about the appearance of a dog that is in an anxious or agitated state of mind. Dogs that are laying down, isolated, hiding, barking or otherwise retreating from individuals may be experiencing anxiety. Individuals should try to avoid a dog that displays these behaviors as it may be prone to lashing out.

Individuals should always pay attention to residential homes that have display signs which alert the public as to vicious dogs. Runners and walkers should be sure to avoid being near these homes. Even if a vicious dog is kept in a fenced area, there is a chance that the dog could still break through a fence. An individual should avoid putting one’s self in danger by being near these types of areas.

Educating Children About Dog Behavior

In addition, parents should make an effort to teach children about the proper way to act around dogs. Children should be taught that they should not automatically go up to a dog and begin to pet the animal. Instead, children should be cautious around animals and always ask for permission prior to petting an animal. The child should also be careful in the event that a guardian does grant permission to pet a dog. The child should allow the dog to get comfortable with him or her prior to placing a hand on the dog.

Parents should also make an effort to teach children about the proper manner of dealing with an unleashed dog. If an unleashed dog is running toward a child, then the child should stay calm and be as still as possible. The child should be taught about the importance of avoiding eye contact with the dog. The idea behind this behavior is that the dog will lose interest in chasing a child and will become distracted by another object. If the dog does continue to attack a child, then the child should try to “feed” the dog with an article of clothing.

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Chicago injury attorneys are here to help victims who have been involved in dog attacks. The cost of injuries resulting from dog attacks can be tremendous. It is vital that dog bite victims understand the types of compensation that may be available to them after an attack. Our attorneys are here to help and can provide a free initial consultation of your potential case.

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