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Peoria Dog Bites

Dog Bite Lawyers Serving Peoria, Illinois

Peoria is a wonderful place to own a dog; as long as you are a committed and responsible pet owner. Very strict ordinances are in place to protect the rights of those who are attacked by others’ animals and the Peoria dog bite attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers have studied these laws extensively in order to be able to maximize the recovery of compensation for anyone who has suffered an injury in an unprovoked attack. If you are a victim of a dog attack, we are prepared to fight on your behalf to ensure that the owner of the animal that attacked you is held accountable.

Peoria Animal Control Ordinances Among Strictest in the Area

Many cities throughout the greater Chicago area have put stronger measures in place to protect residents from vicious animals in the last year. Peoria’s ordinances are among the most stringent in the area and establish very clear expectations for dog owners as well as clear consequences when owners fail to live up to their responsibilities. Here are some of the rules that pet owners must abide by.

  • Dog owners are required to leash their dogs at all times when in public, without exception. Animals are not allowed to roam free and owners can be fined when their dogs are found running the streets; whether due to a willful act or the dog escaping its property. The first fine is $50 and repeat offenders will find themselves subject to increasingly expensive fines that cap at $300.
  • All dogs need to be registered with the city and inoculations are required in order to receive the proper registration and license. This ensures that dogs are less likely to have rabies or other communicable diseases.
  • Owners can be punished if it is determined they have failed to treat their dogs in a humane manner. Beyond providing basic shelter, food and affection, this includes proper training methods to ensure that the dog is socialized and has a good temperament. Owners who intentionally train their animals to be aggressive can be convicted of animal abuse.
  • Nobody is allowed to take in a stray dog. This prevents the spread of disease and incidents in which the stray attacks the people who choose to take it in. If someone finds a stray and is able to contain it, that person has 48 hours to contact animal control or an animal shelter to make arrangements for that animal.
  • Dog owners are protected in the event another person provokes their animal or forces it to defend itself. If a dog attacks another person and proof can be provided of provocation, the party that provoked the attack loses its right to bring a lawsuit against the dog owner.
  • If anyone is bitten or attacked by a dog, the incident must be reported within 24 hours and the dog must be impounded for a minimum of ten days. A licensed veterinarian must perform a rabies test and receive a negative result before the animal can be returned to its owner.

Serious Injuries Suffered in Peoria Dog Attacks

The main purpose of Peoria’s strict dog ordinances is to protect the many children who fall victim to vicious animals. Our Peoria dog attack injury lawyers have handled countless cases in which a child has suffered severe injuries to the face, head or neck in an attack and this is because children are the same height as the dogs that attack them most of the time. The elderly and postal workers are also at an elevated risk of being involved in an attack. Common injuries that result include the following.

  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement. Medical technology is making it possible to minimize the appearance of unsightly scars, but some scars remain untreatable. Whenever a victim looks in a mirror and sees a scar, he or she is only reminded of the attack and may have difficulty fitting into social groups due to an augmented appearance.
  • Peripheral neuropathy. Nerve damage suffered from a dog bite can result in the loss of sensations or mobility in an affected joint or digit. Symptoms can include weakness or numbness in the area, tingling and pain or the inability to move the limb.
  • Broken or shattered bones. These injuries are common among the elderly, who are knocked down by attacking dogs. Those who are injured during an escape or attempt to flee may suffer fractures as well.
  • Deep tissue infections. Germs and bacteria are carried by dogs’ saliva and can invade the wound caused by a puncture or laceration. If the infection becomes uncontrollable, doctors may decide to amputate the affected limb to save the patient.

Get Help Today With Peoria Dog Bite Claims

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is committed to finding justice for the victims of dog attacks and has been able to recover compensation on behalf of thousands of clients just like you. If you were injured by an aggressive animal that was not properly trained or restrained, contact us today to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced and qualified Peoria dog bite lawyers. We will collect the information we need to evaluate your case and let you know more about your legal options and the methods available to maximize your chances of a successful recovery. If we are unable to secure damages on your behalf, our services will be free of charge.

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