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Who pays for a settlement from a dog bite case?

Insurance companies pay for the majority of settlements and verdicts in personal injury cases. Dog bite settlements are usually paid by the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance or renters insurance policy. In a dog bite case when a business or company is responsible for a dog attack, a general liability policy will likely cover the incident.

Since many dog attacks occur with the animals owned by friends, neighbors and family members, we appreciate the hesitancy you may experience when bringing a case against them. However, given that the overwhelming majority of dog bite settlements and judgments are paid by their insurance carriers, it is important to note that these claims do not impact them financially. Put another way, if you bring a claim against a friend or family member, they will likely pay nothing out of their pocket.

Our law firm has worked with many clients who are hesitant to initiate a dog bite claim due to a relationship with a dog owner. We will work within the confines of your wishes to obtain the most satisfactory outcome from your case be it via negotiations with an insurance company or litigation.

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