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German Shepherd Bites

Attorneys for People Injured in German Shepherd Attacks

German shepherds are one of the most intelligent dog breeds available and can be trained to be very loyal and loving companions or to attack at will. The Chicago dog bite attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers recognize the strong link between the manner in which dog owners train these animals and their reactions to other people. Most attacks can be attributed to aggressive behaviors that were learned rather than simple instincts, and this is why we work tirelessly to hold negligent dog owners responsible for the actions of their dogs.

German Shepherds’ Roles in Society

The German Shepherd is world renowned due to its use in police work and as a faithful service dog. It can quickly diffuse hostile situations, locate controlled substances and help those with disabilities lead healthy and active lives by assisting them in their day to day activities. Their loyalty to their owners does make them wary of outsiders, however, and they will often take a defensive stance if they ever feel that their owners are being threatened. For the most part, these animals are highly trainable and can be socialized with very little difficulty.

What this means is that if a German Shepherd becomes an aggressive and dangerous animal, it is more likely to be due to its training rather than its instincts. When our Chicago dog attack lawyers encounter cases involving this breed, it can be easily assumed that the dog’s owner failed to train or restrain the animal properly.

German Shepherd Injuries are More Severe

It is difficult for us to think about the concept of owning a dog for the sole purpose of turning it into a vicious attack animal, but there are some dog owners who seek out aggressive breeds for the sole purpose of training them to scare outsiders away or fight illegally against other dogs. German Shepherds can be very intelligent and methodical when they attack and are used in police work due to their uncanny ability to bring down perpetrators and hold them to the ground. These skills can be used irresponsibly and result in serious injuries to victims that include the following.

  • Deep tissue and puncture wounds. The primary concern following these injuries is the prospect that they may become infected. Deep tissue infections are harder to treat and can migrate to other areas of the body.
  • Permanent nerve damage due to lacerations or punctures. Nerves are unable to heal, so once they are damaged, we must live with the consequences. This can result in the inability to sense cold or heat or the loss of mobility.
  • Severe lacerations that result in rapid blood loss, torn tendons and ligaments and severe scarring. Scars can result in poor self-esteem and self-consciousness around others. Many victims who have scars can suffer from accompanying psychological conditions.
  • Broken bones due to contact with the ground or other objects. German Shepherds often take their victims to the ground and this is where children or the elderly can experience fractures or shattered bones.

Not all dog bites are due to malicious intent and some dog owners simply do not know how to properly train their animals. Regardless of whether the negligence is the result of willful or unintentional mishandling of the animal, dog owners are responsible for the actions of their animals. Medical treatment for injuries suffered in an attack can be extensive and the recovery process is normally long and painful, especially when multiple surgeries are required to reconstruct tissue or attempt to eliminate scarring.

Attorneys Committed to Protecting Your Rights Following a German Shepherd Attack

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has represented thousands of clients who have been injured when others failed to act in a reasonable manner to prevent an accident or attack. If you’ve been the victim of an attack, contact us today to speak with one of our Chicago dog bite attorneys about your legal options. We will arrange a free consultation with you to gather the information we need to work on your case and let you know everything you can expect if you choose to proceed. We only accept payment after we’ve secured damages on your behalf, so if we fail to do so, our services will be free.