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Elgin Dog Bites

Dog Bite Lawyers Serving Elgin, Illinois

In 2010, Elgin enacted a dangerous dog ordinance in response to numerous attacks on its residents by aggressive and vicious dogs. Dog owners can now be subject to fines and punishment when their dogs are not properly restrained or confined and harm others as a result. The Elgin dog bite attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers represent the needs of anyone who has been injured in an incident and will always seek out the maximum compensation allowed by law on behalf of our clients in response to preventable animal attacks. By holding owners responsible, we believe others will be encouraged to take a more proactive approach toward ensuring their animals are trained properly and unable to roam freely.

Fire Station Incident Proves Need for Law

It was on one summer afternoon in June of 2012 that Elgin firefighters and paramedics were trapped inside of the Fire Station No. 7 located at 3270 Long Common Parkway due to two roaming dogs that threatened their safety. The pit bull and full blooded pit bull weighed a combined 220 pounds and chased the emergency workers inside the station from the patio, where they had been enjoying a break from duty. Law enforcement workers needed to shoot one of the dogs when it charged one of the officers and the larger of the two animals was safely contained.

The owners of the dogs received numerous citations; which included the failure to inoculate the animals and allowing dangerous dogs to be at large. This incident brought the discussion of dog owner responsibility to the forefront and reinforced the need for the dangerous dog ordinance. In the two years following the enactment of the law, 106 tickets were issued— 19 of which were for vicious dogs.

Elgin Laws Concerning Dog Owner Responsibility

Chapter 7 of Elgin’s Municipal Code describes the responsibilities of any resident that wishes to own a dog or cat. These regulations include the need to register any animal that is the member of an aggressive breed or dog that is considered dangerous, to have their animals vaccinated for rabies and inoculated on a yearly basis, to keep their animals confined or leashed at all times, to keep their dogs from disturbing the peace and to prevent their pets from chasing, biting or knocking people over. Dogs that are involved in any incident in which the animal bites a person, acts in an aggressive manner or poses a threat to others, it needs to be registered with the city.

A recent amendment to the dangerous dog ordinance does allow dogs to be removed from the dangerous dog registry, but only if the offending incident did not result in a bite or personal injury and if the animal has not had any other incident for three years.

Common Injuries Suffered Due to Dog Bites

Our Elgin dog attack lawyers are all too familiar with the secondary injuries that result from dog bites. The initial lacerations, puncture wounds or fractures can often spell the beginning of a long process of medical care and recovery. The common injuries associated with dog bites include the following.

  • Infections and contraction of communicable diseases. Animal saliva carries the same microorganisms that are responsible for making us sick and a dog’s sharp teeth can inject these bacteria and diseases into the body, resulting in deep tissue infections, hepatitis and other serious diseases.
  • Permanent scarring or disfigurement. Children are at the greatest risk of suffering from permanent disfigurement because their height often puts them face to face with an attacking dog. Facial scars can result in embarrassment, shame, low self-esteem and psychological disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Some surgical procedures can diminish the appearance of scarring, but are not effective on all forms of scarring.
  • Paralysis and loss of sensations. If an attack results in extensive nerve damage, the victim may lose the sense of touch in the affected limb and be unable to sense heat or cold or other important sensations, such as when an object is sharp. If the damage is severe, the victim may lose mobility in the affected limb as well.
  • Loss of vision. Dog bites can cause damage to the eye, either through trauma or an infection that develops later. Many victims have lost their eyes in an attack.
  • Loss of limb due to trauma or infection. Deep tissue infections are often difficult to treat and when the spread of the infection threatens the victim’s life, an amputation may be required to save his or her life. Vicious attacks can also often result in the permanent disfigurement of a limb beyond repair.
  • Wrongful death. Aggressive dogs can inflict serious injury and it is not always possible to save the victim’s life. When this happens, the owner of the dog must be held accountable for the loss of life that has resulted from allowing the animal to roam freely and failing to provide proper training.

Get Help Now For Elgin Dog Bite Cases With an Experienced Legal Team

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is an award winning law firm that protects the interests of those harmed in preventable incidents. Our Elgin dog bite attorneys have extensive knowledge of Elgin’s dangerous dog ordinance and have had success working on similar cases. Contact us to learn how we can maximize your chances of a successful financial recovery and to review your legal options during a free consultation. Since we only collect a fee after securing compensation on behalf of our clients, you are always ensured that our services will be free if we fail to do so.

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