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Dog Bite Victims

Anyone can quickly become the victim of a dog bite attack. The unfortunate reality is that a child, elderly person or other gentle person can receive a serious injury after involvement in a dog bite attack. Dogs do not always require provocation to seriously injure a victim. A dog may be annoyed by the presence of a person on the sidewalk or feel threatened by a jogger passing by. For some dog bite attacks, there are no logical explanations that exist.

The Need to Take Action Fast

Dog bite victims must take action fast after they have been injured in an attack. A personal injury attorney can assist a dog bite victim in investigating the circumstances surrounding one’s case. An insurance company may perform its own independent investigation of a dog bite victim’s case. If the insurance company finds that an individual provoked the attack, then his or her claim may be denied. By working with a personal injury lawyer, a victim can prepare his or her side of the story.

The Investigation of Dog Bite Claims

A personal injury attorney can research the circumstances of a dog bite victim’s case and may find factors that make an owner liable. If a pet owner is aware of the dangerous propensities of his or her animal, then he or she may be strictly liable for the injuries that a victim suffers after an attack. Some states also maintain a statute that makes a dog owner liable after just one attack. For states that maintain these types of statutes, a court will not consider whether the pet owner knew of the dangerous propensities of an animal. Even if a seemingly gentle and domesticated puppy bit an individual and caused injuries, the pet owner will be likely be liable.

Dangerous Dog Breeds Cause Attacks

Some pet owners attempt to have a “blind eye” to the types of injuries that their animals can cause. Pit bull owners may want to believe that their animal is fully domesticated. Unfortunately, the pit bull breed is known as one of the most dangerous dog breeds in existence. No matter how much a pet owner may attempt to domesticate a pit bull, the animal will continue to have dangerous propensities. Pit bulls are a wild breed, and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) document thousands of attacks associated with this breed type every year.

Filing a Lawsuit in Any Location

Dog bite attacks can occur anywhere in which a dog lives or walks. An individual may be on vacation with his or her family and suddenly become a dog bite victim. One may be walking on his or her way to work and suddenly be attacked on a sidewalk. An avid runner may be chased by an overly protective pit bull. These are some of the ways in which an individual can quickly turn into a victim of a dog bite attack.

Postal Workers Are Often Victims

Postal workers are also frequent targets of overly protective dogs. A dog of any size has the ability to seriously injure a postal worker. Dog owners have a duty to secure their dogs and protect those who regularly come onto their property. Even if a postal worker makes a great effort to avoid contact with a dog, he or she still may become injured in an attack. A dog may break through a fence or window to attack the postal worker.

Fighting for Your Legal Rights

As a dog bite victim, you may suffer from thousands of dollars in damages. It is vital that you work with an attorney who will zealously advocate for your legal rights. A personal injury attorney should understand your state’s laws concerning dog bite incidents. Illinois dog bite lawyers are ready to research the facts of your case and determine whether you have a valid legal claim. If you have been injured in a dog bite attack, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our attorneys. Our lawyers are ready to listen to your side of the case and will meet with you in an initial consultation.