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Dog Bite Strength

Why Some Dogs Inflict More Damage. Dog Bite Strength

The Chicago Dog bite injury attorneys represent victims who have been injured due to dog bites and attacks. Unfortunately, the reality is that some dog breeds have the propensity to inflict serious wounds on a person. Some dog breeds may have sharper teeth or a stronger bite that enables them to cause puncture wounds. If you have been injured by a pit bull or otherdangerous breed, contact one of our injury attorneys to receive the help you need.

A Dog’s Fear and Anxiety: The Cause of Serious Bites

Contrary to popular belief, pit bulls do not cause the most significant wounds. Small dogs may actually have a great propensity to cause serious wounds if they are afraid or in a state of anxiety. A small dog may become extremely defensive and begin to lash out at a victim. Small dogs also tend to have very sharp teeth and can cause puncture wounds. Puncture wounds can be serious injuries, because they may result in the spreading of bacteria in the body. If a dog has rabies, then a victim may receive rabies as a result of the puncture wound.

How Dogs Become Aggressive

Dogs can quickly become aggressive if they feel that another individual is taking over their territory. Dogs may lash out at a postal worker if the worker is on the owner’s property. Dogs can also lash out at small children. Dogs may be stunned at the sight of a small child, and this shock can cause the dog to act out. Dogs may also feel afraid due to the energy of a child. All of these factors can cause a dog to become very aggressive in a short period of time.

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Top Breeds for Bite Strength

The top three breeds for bite strength are Rottweilers, German Shepherds and American pit bulls. These three breeds have the ability to exert over 230 pounds of pressure in a single bite. An individual can suffer numerous permanent injuries if he or she is attacked by one of these breeds. Even when these breeds are playing around, they may still cause serious injury to a person.

Parents should keep children away from these breeds of dogs. Even a domesticated pit bull may still have defense mechanisms that causes it to lash out. A domesticated pit bull may still bite a small child if it feels threatened. Parents should ensure that children are educated in regards to dangerous breeds and avoid these breeds.

Treatment for Dog Bite Wounds

If an individual has received a dog bite wound, he or she should seek medical attention as soon as possible. A medical professional will need to clean the wound and ensure that it is properly sanitized. If the wound is not cleaned in a timely fashion, then there is a likelihood that bacteria may spread through the wound.

In other cases, an individual may require surgery for a dog bite wound. This can occur if there are pieces of tooth or items caught within the wound. A doctor may also need to perform reconstructive surgery on a part of the body that has been wounded by a dog bite.

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Corrective procedures may also be required for those who have suffered serious injuries as a result of a dog bite. Corrective procedures may be utilized to improve the appearance of scarring that results from a dog bite. Scarring can cause disfigurement and can also cause a person to experience severe depression. It is important that dog bite victims receive a full course of treatment for the wounds that they suffer.

Contact Chicago Dog Bite Attorneys for Further Assistance

Chicago dog bite lawyers are here to help those who have been involved in dog bite attacks. Our attorneys can help you in the process of gathering evidence and asserting your legal right to damages. Contact one of our attorneys to begin a free evaluation of your case today.

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