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Dog Bite Settlements

Below we have compiled some results for recent dog bite cases our attorneys have handled. Many of these cases were resolved directly via negation with the dog owner’s insurance company or during the course of litigation. If you have a case involving a dog bite or attack, we invite you to contact our firm for a free review of your case. Our office has experienced resolving dog bite cases across Illinois.

  • $600,000 policy limits, child attacked by pit bull
  • $475,000 hand mauling incident
  • $450,000 facial scarring
  • $415,000 woman attack by dog on stairway
  • $389,900 bicyclist attacked by Doberman
  • $300,000 arm and leg scarring
  • $259,000 mediation award to child bitten at park
  • $250,000 fractured leg when attempting to evade dog
  • $199,000 injury to nose with reconstructive surgery
  • $150,000 scarring to boys legs
  • $100,000 policy limit recovery