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Dog Bite Scarring

Lawyers for People With Scarring From Chicago Bites

dog bite scarOur Chicago injury attorneys are available to help victims who suffer from scarring after involvement in a traumatic dog attack. Dog bites can leave victims with torn skin that never heals in the proper fashion. Often, victims are left dealing with multiple corrective surgeries and high medical costs. The Illinois Animal Control Act clearly states that owners are liable for the “full cost” of any injuries resulting from a dog attack. If you have been injured due to a dog bite, you may also be eligible to receive damages for any scarring that you have suffered as well.

The Prevalence of Scarring After Dog Bites

A dog bite can cause the permanent destruction of skin and tissue in the body. A vicious dog, such as a pit bull, may cause serious lacerations during the mauling of another person. The impact of a dog bite can vary from bruising to complete tearing of the skin. In the worst instances, a dog may actually bite through the bone or ligaments of an individual’s body. The dog will typically bite hardest on the person’s body part that is nearest to the dog.

If a person’s skin has been damaged due to a bite, there is a chance that bone, ligaments, or muscle tissue have also been damaged. Deep bites can cause permanent scarring that causes disfigurement of the skin. In serious cases, muscle or skin grafting may be required to restore the skin. These procedures are often very painful and expensive. Even with these medical advancements, scarring from dog bites can be physically and emotionally painful as it is a visible reminder of an attack.

If you have been involved in a dog bite attack, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. A medical professional can provide immediate treatment to dog bite wounds in order to minimize scarring. If a wound is not properly cleaned, an individual may also be at risk of suffering from disease, infection, or even rabies.

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The High Cost of Corrective Procedures and Surgeries for Scarring Following Dog Bites

Corrective procedures can be utilized to improve the appearance of a dog bite scar. While a corrective procedure may be painful, it may be worthwhile to an individual if it eases embarrassment, depression, or anxiety after involvement in a traumatic dog attack.

Some of the corrective procedures that are available include tissue re-arrangement, skin grafting, muscle tissue grafting, and dermabrasion. Tissue re-arrangement may be used as a means to produce healthy tissue in an area where the skin has been torn. A medical professional will connect punctured tissue or ligaments to a piece of healthy tissue in this procedure. Skin grafting involves the transplantation of skin to a wounded part of the body. Muscle grafting involves the transplantation of muscle tissue to a part of the body that has suffered trauma. The process of skin grafting can be effective for minimizing the appearance of a permanent scar. Lastly, dermabrasion involves the scraping of the top levels of skin to minimize the presence of a permanent scar.

The Additional Emotional Impact of Scarring

Even after corrective procedures, an individual may be left with scars that are unattractive. An individual may also be at risk of suffering from complications due to procedures like muscle grafting. Individuals who suffer from depression after a traumatic dog attack may require psychiatric help and counseling. Additional plastic surgery may be required to help a person regain the self-confidence that he or she once had. If you have suffered in these additional ways, then you may wish to speak about the possibility of recovering damages with one of our Chicago dog bite injury attorneys.

Chicago Injury Attorneys Can Help Dog Bite Victims with Scarring

Our Chicago Dog bite scarring lawyers are here to help victims who have been mauled, bitten or otherwise attacked by a dog. Victims of these attacks have the legal right to recover damages under the Illinois Animal Control Act. Call one of our attorneys to schedule an initial consultation at no cost. Our attorneys are glad to help you explore the legal remedies that may be available to you.

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