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Chicago dog bite & attack attorneys can help victims involved in dog attacks to fight for their legal rights. Injured victims may be eligible to receive compensation from a dog bite settlement. Damages may be available to help victims pay for the costs of medical care, operations, medical appointments, counseling and additional corrective procedures. If you have been injured due to a dog bite, feel free to call one of our attorneys for immediate assistance.

The Increasing Cost of Dog Bites

Even though the number of dog bites resulting in serious injuries have been decreasing in recent years, the cost continues to rise. Homeowners’ insurance companies are being required to pay out significant funds to compensate victims for their injuries. In 2013, the average dog bite claim amounted to about $27,800. In 2014, this figure increased to about $32,000.

Corrective procedures that are required to minimize scarring may also increase the total cost associated with a dog bite. Corrective procedures are often very invasive and painful. Victims may resort to corrective procedures when a scar does not heal in the proper fashion. Skin grafting can be used to improve the appearance of skin after a dog bite. Muscle grafting is another option, and it can be utilized where an individual’s muscle tissue has been broken due to a dog bite. Those who require corrective procedures may need to pay thousands of dollars for this type of operation. If you are having trouble in determining the damages that you should request, feel free to contact one of our attorneys for additional assistance.

Serious Injuries Resulting from Dog Bites

There are several reasons the payout for dog bite claims has increased in recent years. One of the reasons is due to the serious injuries that individuals suffer after a dog bite. Individuals may suffer from severe lacerations, broken limbs, concussions, and head injuries as a result of dog bites. Dog bites may cause an individual to suffer from anxiety and depression.

In addition, an individual’s injuries may tend to be more severe if he or she is an elderly person or child. It is easy for a dog to overtake elderly people and children. These individuals can be easily dominated and may lack the strength to fend off a dog attack. These individuals may receive multiple bites and scratches in an attack.

The Liability of Homeowners

Homeowners are under a legal obligation to ensure that their pets are properly kept on one’s property. The Illinois Animal Control Act requires that pet owners take special precautions if they own a vicious dog. Owners of vicious dogs are legally obligated to keep the dog in a fenced area on one’s property. If a homeowner fails to properly lock up a vicious dog, then he or she may be liable for the full amount of damages that an individual suffers.

Homeowners should also be aware of any children that live near their premises. If a child wanders onto one’s property and is bitten by a dog, then the homeowner may still be liable. Even if a child was a trespasser at the time of the dog attack, the child may likely still recover damages due to his or her status as a child trespasser. Illinois law may maintain that a dog is an “attractive nuisance” that lures a child onto the property. If the child is injured by the animal, then the homeowner will be liable for any damages associated with the injury.

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