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dog bite scarringChicago injury attorneys are available to help victims who suffer from scarring after involvement in a traumatic dog attack. Dog bites can leave victims with torn skin that never heals in the proper fashion. Often, victims are left dealing with multiple corrective surgeries and high medical costs. The Illinois Animal Control Act clearly states that owners are liable for the “full cost” of any injuries resulting from a dog attack. If you have been injured due to a dog bite, you may also be eligible to receive damages for any scarring that you have suffered as well.


Nerve Damage

nerve damageChicago dog bite attorneys help victims who have suffered serious nerve damage after an attack. One of the greatest tragedies that can result from a dog bite accident is nerve damage. Chicago nerve damage attorneys represent victims of dog bite attacks and assist them in their fight for justice. In Chicago, dog attacks can occur anywhere throughout the city. Whether one is walking to work down Michigan Avenue or taking a job in one of Chicago’s suburbs, dog bite attacks can spontaneously occur. Dog bite victims must pay attention to special attention to any serious symptoms that can arise after an attack, such as nerve damage.


Non-Bite Injuries

non bite injuryChicago attorneys are available to help those who have been involved in an array of dog attacks. Victims of dog attacks do not necessarily have to suffer from bite wounds in order to recover compensation. The Illinois dog bite statute is broadly written to include any injuries that flow from a “dog attack.” This means that a victim may be eligible to recover compensation from a dog owner if he or she has suffered from a broken limb, laceration, bruising or concussion as a result of involvement in a dog attack.


Infected Dog Bite

Infected Dog BiteIn cities like Chicago, dog bite attacks are on the rise. Owners who wish to utilize the recreational areas of the city may frequently take their dogs on walks. Unfortunately, dog bite attacks can occur with any type of breed and in any area. Even the most well-trained dogs can lash out at innocent individuals minding their own business. Our Chicago attorneys are here to assist those who have been the victims of dog bite attacks and have suffered infection as a result. An infected dog bite wound can be extremely expensive to treat, and victims should be prepared to handle these costs. Complications and additional expenses often arise when a victim suffers from an infection due to a dog bite attack. It is important that these victims consider all legal remedies that may be available to them, and our attorneys can assist in this process.



dog bite fatalityOur Chicago attorneys regularly represent families of individuals in cases involving dog bite fatalities. The unfortunate reality is that even the most well-trained dogs can have moments of attack. In some instances, a dog bite attack may be provoked. In other instances, an individual may have done nothing at all to provoke a deadly attack. Whatever the case may be, it is important that Chicago residents or visitors get the help that they need when they have been involved in an attack or even worse, lost a loved one due to a dog bite fatality. The most tragic cases involve a dog bite fatality. If you are dealing with the loss of a loved one due to an attack involving a dog, then our attorneys may be able to assist you in handling your dog bite wrongful death case.



non bite injuriesThe Risk of Rabies After a Dog Bite


Chicago attorneys are available to help those who have been injured with rabies after a dog bite. One of the most serious injuries that can result from a dog bite is rabies. Rabies can be transmitted through the saliva of a dog, and an individual typically obtains rabies after a dog bite. If rabies is left untreated, an individual will die as a result.


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