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Child Dog Bite Victims

Attorneys for Children Injured in Chicago Dog Bite Attacks

Our injury attorneys are available to represent children who have been injured by dogs. Unfortunately, children can be easy targets for aggressive dogs. Even dogs that do not typically display aggressive tendencies may suddenly become excited or distraught at the sight of a child’s small size. A dog may suddenly lash out at a child without provocation. When this occurs, it is vital that family members obtain the necessary legal representation for the child. A child may be eligible to recover the full amount of damages from the owner of the aggressive dog.

Children Are The Most Vulnerable Dog Bite Victims

child dog bite victimDue to a child’s small size, a child is often most vulnerable and at risk of suffering from a dog attack in public. Dogs may view children as objects that can be easily dominated due to their small size and stature. In a crowd of people, the child may be a target for a dog that is seeking to unleash aggressive tendencies. Statistics from DogsBite.org indicate that a total of 19 children died as a result of dog bites in 2014, while a total of 22 adults died as a result of dog bites in that same year. In 2013, there were 18 child fatalities resulting from dog bite attacks, and in that year, 14 adults died as a result of dog bites.

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Another reason children may be the most vulnerable victims in dog attacks is that they may be unaware that a dog is in a state of high anxiety or discomfort. Children may become the victims of dog attacks if they approach a dog that is recovering from an illness, hungry, anxious, or otherwise in pain. The dog may become defensive at the mere sight of the child and go into attack mode. Children may not realize that a dog is in an anxious state, whereas an adult is likely better able to perceive this state of mind in an animal.

The Illinois Animal Control Act maintains that victims may recover damages for injuries from dog attacks that did not involve provocation. In the case of a child, a dog owner may attempt to argue that a child provoked a dog by his or her energetic behavior. It is important that parents utilize the assistance of an attorney who fully understands the Illinois Animal Control Act and its implications. In the case of a child, it is unlikely that he or she provoked an attack if the child’s behavior was not directed at a particular dog.

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The Importance of Fenced Areas to Protect Children

Under the Illinois Animal Control Act, dog owners may be under a certain duty to keep a vicious dog within an enclosed area. This can be especially important if children live near an owner who has a vicious dog. Children may be lured onto the property and believe that the dog is friendly in nature. If an owner does not have a vicious dog fenced in, then he or she may be liable for the injuries that a child suffers even if that child was technically a trespasser.

Children Can Suffer Numerous Injuries After Dog Attacks

When a child is attacked by a dog, he or she is usually unable to fight back. A dog can easily dominate the child and cause severe lacerations. In only a matter of seconds, a child may suffer multiple lacerations and become permanently injured as a result of the dog attack.

Children may require stitches, surgery, and bandaging after involvement in a dog bite attack. In the most serious cases, a child may receive lacerations in the neck or head region. The child may require immediate surgery if this is the case.

Children may also suffer from torn ligaments and muscle tissue after a dog attack. Skin grafting, muscle grafting, and plastic surgery maybe some of the corrective procedures that are required to prevent permanent scarring and restore these parts of the body.

Chicago Injury Attorneys Helping Child Victims in Dog Bite Cases

The Chicago dog bite injury attorneys are here to help children who have become victims in dog bite cases. Our attorneys can offer the compassionate care, advisement, and legal representation that you require for your child in this time of need.