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Aurora Dog Bites

Dog Bite Attorneys Serving Aurora

Aurora is one of many cities throughout Illinois that has strict ordinances regarding the ownership of dogs and other animals. These laws are designed to protect the rights of residents who may encounter another person’s pet and to keep dog owners accountable for the actions of their animals. The Aurora dog bite attorneys of Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers represent the interests of those who become needless victims of dog attacks due to the inability of others to properly train or control their dogs. Our knowledge of state and local ordinances is an invaluable resource when seeking the maximum amount of compensation allowed for these injuries.

Aurora’s Dog Ownership Laws

The City of Aurora adopted the following laws in recognition of the need to protect residents who suffer harm due to the actions of aggressive animals that are not properly controlled or restrained. All of these laws can be found within Section 9 of the city’s ordinances.

  • Every animal in the city must be registered— Pet owners must register their pets and obtain tags to be placed on their collars which indicate their registration with the city. This applies for all domestic animals, including dogs and cats.
  • Rabies vaccinations are required for all domesticated animals— In addition to an animal’s registration tag, it must also carry a rabies vaccination tag that indicates when its last vaccination or booster shot was performed. Rabies vaccinations and boosters are required every year.
  • Each household may only own two dogs or cats—While the maximum number of domesticated animals allowed per household is four, a household may not own more than two dogs or cats. A household may own two of each, if desired.
  • Animals must not disturb the peace— Animals that are left outside and allowed to make an excessive amount of noise can be considered a public nuisance and their owners will be cited for disturbing the peace in the same manner as any other disturbing the peace violation.
  • Dog owners are responsible for their animals’ actions—If a dog gets loose, its owner is ultimately responsible for its actions if it attacks another person or destroys property. The only instance in which the owner would not be responsible is in the event the animal was provoked and the victim entered private property without permission.

Dog Parks Promote Healthy Living for Dogs

The needs of each breed are different, and dog parks such at the Phillips Dog Park located at 1000 Pleasant Place in Aurora, IL allow dog owners to let their animals play and run free within the bounds of a gated park. There are certain restrictions that must be considered, such as the requirement that owners clean up after their pets, refraining from bringing female dogs into the park that are in heat and not bringing any food into the park which could draw the attention of other dogs.

For a full list of rules applicable to dog ownership in Aurora, Illinois, you can visit https://www.aurora-il.org/phillipspark/dog_park.php.

Parks such as this one are a great way for dog owners to temper the instincts of dogs that require a lot of exercise and tend to have more energy. Dog owners are still accountable for their animals’ actions inside these parks, however. If their dogs attack other peoples’ pets or bite another person, the owners can be held liable.

Common Injuries Suffered in Aurora Dog Attacks

Our Aurora dog attack lawyers encounter individuals who have suffered many different forms of injury when attacked by an animal. The initial puncture wounds and lacerations can lead way to more complex medical complications such as the following.

  • Infection of the wound or surrounding tissue. Dogs carry many different types of bacteria and other communicable diseases in their saliva and can transmit these diseases through a bite.
  • Loss of sensation or mobility due to nerve damage. Nerves do not heal like bones or muscle would and victims can lose the ability to differentiate between hot and cold or to be able to move the affected limb or digits.
  • Severe scarring. Bites can leave behind permanent reminders of the attacks and those who are left with visible scarring on their heads or faces often suffer from shame, depression and other psychological disorders. Surgical procedures may repair some forms of scarring, but not all.
  • Loss of vision or eye. Many bites to children are to the face and the eyes and nose are the two most vulnerable areas.
  • Broken bones and dislocations. During a dog attack, the animal may take the victim to the ground or knock him or her into another object, resulting in broken bones or dislocated joints. This is more common when the elderly are attacked.
  • Wrongful death. Some attacks are so severe that the victim’s injuries result in his or her death. The owner of the responsible dog much be held accountable when this happens, as it is unacceptable that anyone should be killed by aggressive or undisciplined animal.

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Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers is an award winning personal injury law firm that specializes in the recovery of compensation for those harmed due to others’ irresponsible actions. Our Aurora dog bite lawyers have extensive knowledge of local ordinances and a proven track record of success when handling these types of cases. Contact us to arrange a free consultation so that you can learn what to expect should you file a lawsuit and what it is we can do to ensure your best chances of recovery. We will only collect a fee if we are able to secure compensation on your behalf.

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